Our vision for formal learning at Rochdale Town Hall

Like never before, Rochdale Town Hall will have an engaging education programme of its own.

We have always welcomed school groups, but in more of an ‘ad hoc’ way. We want to use our learning programme as a way of galvanizing interest in the town hall for young people of all ages and abilities. This unique and inspiring building is blessed with a range of nationally significant architecture, craftsmanship, artistic details and historic significance. We want to ensure that our learning programmes are representative of the communities living and working in the borough of Rochdale.

The development of our new learning service has been based on listening to our schools, teachers, young people, families and the wider communities. Working alongside the programmes offered by our partners, our aspiration is that Rochdale Town Hall’s suite of learning opportunities can successfully and sustainably build the cultural capital of the citizens of the borough of Rochdale and beyond.