Opening times

Rochdale Town Hall

  • Monday–Sunday: 10am–4pm (we are closed on bank holidays)

The Martlet Kitchen Restaurant

The Martlet Kitchen Pop-up is now open. We're hosting this pop-up until the restaurant officially opens, giving you a taste of what will be on offer once the restaurant doors swing open.

The Martlet Kitchen Pop-up:

  • Monday–Sunday: 10am–4pm (we are closed on bank holidays)

The Martlet Kitchen Restaurant - due to open summer 2024:

  • Monday–Thursday: 9am–4.45pm
  • Friday–Saturday: 9am–11pm
  • Sunday: 10am–4pm

We are closed on bank holidays.

Temporary closures

Some areas of the town hall may be closed due to pre-arranged events.

  • Sunday, 21 July 2024: due to a pre-arranged event, the following closures will take place:

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