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Peregrine falcons have been nesting outside the clock tower at Rochdale Town Hall since 2008. That year we built a nesting area to provide a safe haven for them to sleep, breed and raise their young.

We’re delighted that peregrine falcons have returned to the clock tower following a temporary relocation during the restoration work on Rochdale Town Hall between 2021-2024.

Watch our feathered friends live on our webcam.

Peregrine falcon facts

Here are a few fun facts about our feathered friends:

  • Peregrine falcons are the world's fastest living creatures, reaching speeds of up to 240mph.
  • Their average lifespan in the wild is 16-18 years.
  • They can see their prey from a distance of more than 3km.
  • Females are, on average, 30% larger than males.
  • It’s now estimated that there are up to 1500 breeding pairs across the UK.
  • During courtship, they perform aerial acrobatics and males will pass gifts of prey to females in mid-air, in an attempt to woo them.
  • In Ancient Egypt the falcon was considered king of the birds.
  • In Viking mythology, Freya, wife of Odin, would change into a falcon to become a fast bird of prey.

Download our family-friendly peregrine facts worksheet to learn more and unscramble the letters to make a secret word.

Falcons naming competition

In 2020, we ran a competition to name some of the falcons.

The winning names for the competition were:

  • Florence - an adult bird named by Lisa Goddard.
  • Alfie - an adult bird named by Eliza Slater.
  • Dino-soar - a chick named by Deb Booth.
  • Beaky Blinder - a chick named by Stephanie Heys, Rosa Ashworth and Lilia Ramos.

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