The Great Hall

You have to admit this room has the wow factor.

The Great Hall at Rochdale Town Hall.

Where do you start? There are 16 carved angels flying above your head. Glittering stained glass windows on all sides, their pictures of 36 kings and queens create a timeline of English history and tradition. The mural at the far end shows the signing of the Magna Carta, a symbol of liberty, human rights, and reform.

The hall is a glorious display of craftsmanship. It has always been a place for people to come together, celebrate, and debate. Its decoration is a celebration as well - of what it means to be Rochdalian. The designs nod to tradition and history, while championing radical ideas and change.

Visitors admiring The Great Hall at Rochdale Town Hall.


Hire the Great Hall

Did you know this magnificent room can be hired for events? The Great Hall has the capacity to accommodate 350 seated guests, or up to 250 if you want room to dance the night away.

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